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ID Research Team

Our research group is composed of several researchers with a diverse professional background from different disciplines and twelve practicing teachers participating in our projects.

Verónica Boix Mansilla (Lecturer in Education, Principal Investigator)
Liz Dawes Duraisingh (Doctoral Candidate in Education)
Flossie Chua (Doctoral Candidate in Education)
Sabine Hoidn (Postdoctoral Fellow in Education)
Analía Ivanier (M.A. in Sociology and Education)
Melissa Rivard (EdM in Education)

Kyoko Sato
(Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology)
Joan Soble (Professional Development Expert)

Prof. Howard Gardner (Professor of Education, Psychology, Principal Investigator - phase one)
Prof. Michèle Lamont (Professor of Sociology)
International Baccalaureate
International School of Uganda

Past Researchers
Dan Dillon
Sholeh Koorjee
Yee Ping Lee
Guillermo Marini
Steven McAlpine
Kaley Middlebrooks
Matthew Miller
Alison Rhodes
Becca Salomon
Puay Yin Lim